Residential and Commercial Artificial Landscape Grass

Do you want a beautiful, lush green lawn or yard that looks its absolute best at all times?

FusionTurf can make your dream a reality. We bring you a wide selection of authentic-looking turf for your landscaping needs that will save you money, time, and lots of yard work. Whether you want afake grass landscapefor residential or commercial applications, we’re your go-to turf provider.

Residential and Commercial Artificial Landscaping Grass

Durable and Eco-Friendly Artificial Turf

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance and eco-friendly solution for your outdoor space, FusionTurf brings you a durable alternative to natural grass. Our high-quality;landscaping turf products are proudly made in America. As a leading industry expert in artificial grass landscape design and installation, you can always count on us.

Benefits of our fake grass for landscape applications:

  • Stays green year-round
  • Conserves water
  • Low maintenance
  • Soft, safe, and comfortable
  • Highly durable and environmentally-friendly
  • No mowing, weeding, or manicuring needed
  • No need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Enhances the beauty of your landscape
  • Tracks no mud or dirt indoors

Enjoy the unmistakable lush-green and natural look and feel of our synthetic lawn and artificial landscape turf in your yard or outdoor space, regardless of the weather conditions. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or designer, our durable and eco-friendly synthetic landscaping solutions offer years of worry-free use and withstand traffic in commercial settings.

Get Your Artificial Landscape Turf

Our knowledgeable and friendly sales professionals are ready to help you select the perfect fake grass for your landscape, yard, or lawn. We offer a variety of safe and effective infill options for your artificial turf to reduce compaction and ensure your FusionTurf product retains its full and healthy, natural-grass look. Check out our comprehensive artificial turf products today.

We will help you make your yard beautiful and a fun, safer, and functional place to be for everyone, no matter the size. Book a call with our experts, and get started today!

Customer Testimonials

Denis T. ~ East Wenatchee, Washington
Denis T.
East Wenatchee, Washington
Product Quality
Shylo B. ~ Wenatchee, Washington
Shylo B.
Wenatchee, Washington
Product Quality
Great service, and great quality product!
Andy R. ~ Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Andy R.
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Product Quality
Patrick and his crew were very professional and did a wonderful job on the installation. Extremely satisfied with the entire process
St. George E. ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
St. George E.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Product Quality
Christina S. ~ Ashburn, Virginia
Christina S.
Ashburn, Virginia
Product Quality
Rachel B. ~ Grand Bay, Alabama
Rachel B.
Grand Bay, Alabama
Product Quality
Our backyard is amazing! It was worth every penny!! Blake and his team (Dalton) were so easy to work with. I seriously can't say enough good things.
Curtis D. ~ Jacksonville, Florida
Curtis D.
Jacksonville, Florida
Product Quality
Can't say enough about Patrick and his team at First Coast Outdoor Services for the transformation they created in my backyard. Our family has a new space to play and spend time outside without worrying about bugs and lawn chemicals. The turf has been amazing to practice on and I've had dramatic improvements in my putting. It rolls great even holds spin on chips.
Kathy P. ~ East wenatchee, Washington
Kathy P.
East wenatchee, Washington
Product Quality

Common FAQs

Yes, artificial turf can be used for residential lawns. In fact, many homeowners are turning to artificial turf as a low-maintenance, water-saving alternative to natural grass. Artificial turf looks and feels like real grass and comes in a variety of colors and textures to suit different preferences. It is also durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for areas where children and pets play. Additionally, artificial turf does not require mowing, fertilizing, or watering, which can save homeowners time and money on maintenance costs. While the upfront cost of artificial turf may be higher than natural grass, the long-term savings in water and maintenance costs can make it a cost-effective solution for homeowners.

If the artificial grass is in a relatively flat area with minimum traffic, your infill should last you years, if not a lifetime. Here are some factors to consider that might indicate the need to add more infill: 1. The artificial turf is on a slope that will allow rainwater to wash away infill. 2. If the turfed area has a lot of recurring debris (sticks, leaves, etc) that requires regular blowing or sweeping, some infill may get lost over time. 3. Heavy traffic can matte down the turf and carry away infill. If any or all of these 3 apply to your space, don't sweat it. Your local FusionTurf dealer is there to help. Your local dealer will be able to address not only if you need an infill replenishment, but also the correct amount to add.

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