Artificial Grass for Sports and Facilities

Every sports field or facility is unique, but when it comes to performance, the right surface design makes all the difference.

It can provide cushion, prevent falls, and increase traction. FusionTurf brings you premium artificial field turf for both indoor and outdoor applications for any sports or facility. We customize your turf to meet the needs of your specific application, local climate, install location, and other factors. Find cost-effective solutions for fields of all sizes.

Artificial Grass for Sports and Facilities

Tough, Durable, and Fun for Everyone

At FusionTurf, we work with you closely to ensure you get exactly what you need. We specialize in natural-looking and feeling sports turf for football, baseball, soccer, softball, lacrosse, and other sports fields and indoor facilities. Forget the maintenance, constant damage, and weather concerns of natural grass. Our synthetic sports turf is tough, durable, and fun for everyone to use, including professional athletes.


  • High-performance and multi-purpose field turf
  • Can be customized with inlaid lines or facility logos
  • Made in the USA to ensure durability
  • Ideal for all types of sports for all ages
  • All-purpose low-maintenance turf
  • The athletes choice for indoor sports fields and facilities

With artificial field turf, you can turn your indoor sports facility or outdoor playing field into an all-weather sports paradise. Enjoy as much field use as possible with no concerns about giving the surface recovery time. That means more events, more fun, and more games. With deep thatch, padded backing, fast drain features, and Envirolfill® infill with antimicrobial Microban® technologies, you get an excellent sports surface that’s sure to be safe and stable year-round.

Consult FusionTurf Experts

If you need long-lasting artificial turf for your recreational sports center, lawn tennis courts, baseball training centers, indoor fields, or other sports amenities, FusionTurf is your go-to turf expert. We handle everything from on-site consultations to design and professional installation. Book a call to discuss your artificial field turf needs now.

Customer Testimonials

Andy R. ~ Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Andy R.
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Product Quality
Patrick and his crew were very professional and did a wonderful job on the installation. Extremely satisfied with the entire process
Shylo B. ~ Wenatchee, Washington
Shylo B.
Wenatchee, Washington
Product Quality
Great service, and great quality product!
Kathy P. ~ East wenatchee, Washington
Kathy P.
East wenatchee, Washington
Product Quality
Heather G. ~ Pensacola, Florida
Heather G.
Pensacola, Florida
Product Quality
I'm in love with my new turf!
Scott A. ~ Neptune Beach, Florida
Scott A.
Neptune Beach, Florida
Product Quality
Christina S. ~ Ashburn, Virginia
Christina S.
Ashburn, Virginia
Product Quality
St. George E. ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
St. George E.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Product Quality
Andra W. ~ Niceville, Florida
Andra W.
Niceville, Florida
Product Quality
We are thrilled with how this project turned out! This is such a fun addition to our home for family and friends to play with. It is rare to work with a company that returns calls, responds in a timely manner, completes the job in the timeframe promised and leaves the place better than they found it. Thank you for doing and exceptional job for us!!

Common FAQs

If the artificial grass is in a relatively flat area with minimum traffic, your infill should last you years, if not a lifetime. Here are some factors to consider that might indicate the need to add more infill: 1. The artificial turf is on a slope that will allow rainwater to wash away infill. 2. If the turfed area has a lot of recurring debris (sticks, leaves, etc) that requires regular blowing or sweeping, some infill may get lost over time. 3. Heavy traffic can matte down the turf and carry away infill. If any or all of these 3 apply to your space, don't sweat it. Your local FusionTurf dealer is there to help. Your local dealer will be able to address not only if you need an infill replenishment, but also the correct amount to add.

One of the downfalls of turf is that it can get hot in direct sun, especially lower quality products. FusionTurf addresses this issue with heat reduction technology made into every blade as well as heat reducing infill that can decrease surface temperatures up to 50 degrees.

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