Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Lawn Grass

Dec 17, 2021

Yard with a perfect artificial lawn

Artificial lawn grass provides the look and feel of live grass without the costs and effort of maintenance.

It's perfect for lawns and landscaping, as well as specialty uses like pet areas, playgrounds, golf courses, sports fields, and even indoor areas. It never needs cutting, watering, or re-seeding, and feels great with a natural ‘give' when you walk on it.

Here are the most common questions we see about artificial lawn solutions. Find your answers here, or contact us to talk with a turf specialist at 844-213-8873.

The material of artificial grass

The words artificial lawn grass might conjure ideas of green latex and rubber infill, but artificial turf has come a long way since its first inception. Modern artificial grass by FusionTurf is made with bio-cell polyurethane, which is a much softer, more natural material that's super-durable while giving the genuine feel of grass beneath your feet. With a tan thatch infill, some models of artificial lawn grass are nearly indistinguishable from live grass.

The benefits of artificial turf

There are numerous reasons why homeowners and commercial property owners will choose artificial lawn grass over a traditional lawn.

  • Less Maintenance – Caring for a live lawn requires constant watering, cutting, and weed removal to try and keep it alive. Live grass can die out leaving patchy spots or mud puddles due to flooding, foot traffic, too much shade, or insects. With artificial grass, the yard work is done forever.
  • The Look and Feel of Live Grass – Some models of artificial grass are nearly indistinguishable from live grass. They also have a natural-feeling ‘give' when you walk on them. Many of our customers walking barefoot on their new lawn for the first time are amazed that artificial grass can feel so great.
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties – Artificial grass by FusionTurf is made with antimicrobial materials to help keep grass bacteria-free, making it safer for children and pets. This makes artificial grass a great solution for areas where dogs do their business.
  • Cost-Effective – Caring for your lawn can be expensive, with live grass increasing your water bill and requiring you to invest in a wide range of lawn care tools and solutions to see that perfect bed of green that you're looking to achieve. With artificial lawn grass, the only cost you incur is the initial installation cost. For many living in especially dry areas where caring for a live lawn costs considerably more, an artificial lawn is an attractive alternative.
  • Eco-Friendly – The elimination of harmful chemicals that can impact the environment, the conservation of water, and the sustainability of artificial turf all contribute to its eco-friendly profile. If you're looking for ways to contribute positively to the environment while also getting that perfect lawn look, artificial lawn grass is the way to go.

Artificial grass can be installed anywhere you need it

Artificial grass is versatile and can be used in a wide variety of areas. It can be installed directly on concrete or over a compacted base. Use artificial turf for your lawn, around your pool, landscaping around flower beds or property features, play areas for pets or kids, golf courses, and even roofs or decks.

A Fusion Turf dealer near you can offer you the professional installation you require to ensure that the best kind of artificial lawn grass is installed for the areas you need it.

Close up Photo of Artificial Lawn Grass

Craft the perfect lawn with FusionTurf

Choosing artificial turf over a traditional lawn provides you with a host of benefits without sacrificing the quality, look, or feel that you're going for. Here at FusionTurf, we're dedicated to making this dream a reality so that you can enjoy your artificial grass lawn for years to come.

With turf developed and made right here in the USA, tiered manufacturer warranties to protect the value of your new lawn, choosing the new standard of natural here at FusionTurf can be an excellent investment for your property.

If you're ready to install an artificial grass solution for your property, reach out to us for the next steps at 844-213-8873.

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