Rooftop and Deck Artificial Grass

Creative possibilities never before imagined

The rooftop is the last place you would think of putting grass, right? What about grass on your patio, deck, or even around your roof-top pool? FusionTurf can make this a reality. We bring you superior artificial roof turf that transforms your outdoor living spaces into beautiful, more functional living areas that enhance your quality of life. Everyone will love the new look!

Rooftop and Deck Artificial Grass

FusionTurf’s full range of multi-layered turf solutions for every scenario.

If you’re looking for a perfect way to transform that unused space or ugly flat roof into an ideal area to spend time with your family or friends relaxing, get started with premium quality artificial grass designed to install on decking or flat roofs. Get the best turf for spaces shared by both people and pets.


  • Lush and beautiful artificial turf perfect for casual living
  • Tightly woven structure makes it super easy to clean up
  • Low-maintenance, durable, and safe turf for use year-round
  • Allows drainage and protection for the roof space
  • Creates interesting, practical, and useable space for roof projects
  • Lightweight with superior wear resistance
  • Easy to install and can withstand any weather

Our rooftop and deck turf products are perfect for residential roof decks, patios, terraces, and rooftop pools. Residential and commercial buildings can also use our FusionTurf artificial roof turf to create rooftop gardens, creative entertainment areas, enhance terraces and balconies with a lightweight surface, and improve the use of urban outdoor spaces.

Get Started With Our Artificial Turf Solutions

Ready to extend your rooftop or deck to make it a fabulous living space? You can install our turf products indoors or outdoors on concrete, properly prepared deck and roof sub surfaces, and compacted aggregate base. Increase your leisure space, revamp unused areas, add a little grass to your roof area, and have fun year-round with our artificial roof turf.

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