Roof/Deck EX


Pile Height
Face Color
65 oz
Face Weight
Heat Reduction Technology
Antimicrobial Additives
Bio-Cell Polyurethane
Roof/Deck EX is a premium landscaping grass that is an excellent option for rooftop or deck covering applications. With 1" blade height and 65 oz face weight, this nylon based turf provides a luxury feel, mimics natural grass and is durable enough for residential or commercial installs. This turf can be installed indoors or outdoors on a variety of rooftop surfaces, panel system, or concrete.
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Natural-Looking Rooftop Turf & Pool Deck Turf Coverings

If you’ve never experienced the feel of natural-looking artificial turf, you’re in for quite a surprise. Our premium artificial rooftop turf and pool deck turf coverings mimic the performance of live grass to provide a natural and luxurious feel you’ll enjoy for years to come. They are virtually maintenance-free and eliminate the need for cutting, trimming, and watering.

FusionTurf products are high-quality, eco-friendly, and built to last. Experts in our industry have billed us as the new standard of natural, and we are the authorities on artificial turf coverings. We don’t use rubber infill in our products—an important consideration for sun-drenched decks or poolside surfaces. Rubber gets extremely hot in the summer and can burn hands, feet, and pet paws. To eliminate this problem, we use different types of infills that are designed to help reduce surface temperatures and provide a natural-looking color that bears a striking resemblance to living grass, perfect for bare feet.

Fusion rooftop turfs and pool deck turfs are the perfect solutions for residential or commercial properties. Whether you’re designing a high-rise patio or rooftop garden, our Fusion Roof EX covering is a premium landscaping grass that can be installed indoors or outdoors and on concrete or other rooftop materials. We can lay the same surface over pool decks, creating a safer option than concrete that has excellent drainage to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Our turf also allows pets to handle their business with no problem.

By purchasing a premium rooftop turf or pool deck turf from FusionTurf, you can be confident that you have an excellent environment for your guests to enjoy. With anti-microbial additives in your turf to stop bacteria, a bio-cell polyurethane design to protect the kids and pets, and the latest heat reduction technology, you can put your mind at ease. We offer a limited lifetime warranty and installation warranty on all FusionTurf products.

Relax. The yard work is done ... Forever.

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