Does Artificial Grass Burn Dog Paws?

Jan 14, 2022

Designing an outdoor space that's pet-friendly and contains as few hazards as possible is crucial to keeping them happy and healthy.

Artificial grass can be a plush and pet-friendly surface for dogs to run, play, and do their business. It doesn't need watering, trimming, or upkeep like live grass, but does artificial grass get hot in the summer sunlight? More specifically, does artificial grass burn dogs' paws?

The answer comes down to quality. Low-quality artificial grass may overheat, but high-quality artificial grass like FusionPet might be perfect for your dog. Let's take a closer look at the impact of artificial grass on dog paws and whether or not it's the right fit for your space.

So does artificial grass really burn a dog's paws? Low-Quality might.

Artificial turf offers a wide variety of benefits in comparison to live lawns. However, artificial grass doesn't maintain the same level of moisture as live grass. Some synthetic materials can heat up quickly in direct sunlight, posing potential risks to animals and people without footwear.

That being said, artificial turf has come a long way since its inception. Pet owners need only be worried if they're buying low-quality artificial turf that's not designed to for higher temperatures. Another area to pay attention to is the infill. Low-quality artificial turf that uses material like crumb rubber infill can absorb heat quickly as well, adding to the risk that your dog might hurt their paws when they go outside.

So, does artificial grass burn dogs' paws? It can, but you can minimize this risk by purchasing high-quality turf, making sure your dog has plenty of shade (dehydration is another risk to consider), and helping your dog and your turf cool off with plenty of water.

Look for High-Quality Artificial Turf

Does artificial grass get hot? It might if it's made with low-quality materials like rubber infill. High-quality artificial grass like FusionTurf is made from bio-cell polyurethane. It will heat up in sunlight, but not hot enough to burn your dog's paws.

High-quality artificial turf has more natural grass coloration, a plush “give” when it's stepped or walked on, and superior drainage for dogs to do their business. The bio-cell polyurethane has anti-microbial properties to help keep it from breeding bacteria. It's also tough enough to keep your dogs from digging and tracking in mud.

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Keep your dog safe and happy with FusionTurf

If you're a pet owner interested in artificial grass for your lawn, porch, or patio, your furry friend will thank you for getting artificial grass that doesn't burn their paws. Whether you enjoy the classic FusionPET, the more natural look of FusionPET HD, or the commercial-grade FusionPET EX, all of FusionTurf's pet turf solutions are designed with heat reduction technology to keep your turf and your pet's paws cool. Artificial grass can get hot, but FusionTurf's pet products are designed not to get too hot.

Made in the USA and accompanied by tiered warranties, you can rely on FusionTurf to keep your pets supported and protected.

If you're looking to install pet-friendly artificial turf on your property, reach out to us at 844-213-8873 to talk with a turf expert.

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