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FusionPET EX

FusionPET EX is the perfect commercial-grade turf for dogs to run and play, or do their business. It’s tough enough for years or decades of regular use. It’s made with safe materials, is easy to clean, and will never burn or stain. As an artificial pet turf, you’ll never have to cut or trim it. No more digging holes or tracking in mud.

FusionPET EX is our shortest type of artificial pet turf grass at .875” high. It’s ideal for places like kennels, groomers, and public dog parks. For longer and more natural-looking artificial pet-safe grass, try FusionPET at 1.0” high, or FusionPET HD with 1.5” long grass blades.

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  • Pile Height –.875”
  • Face Weight –89 oz
  • Face Color –Field
  • Blade Shape –Slit Film
  • Heat Reduction Technology
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Silverback Polyurethane
  • Antimicrobial Additives
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Commercial Grade, Pet-Friendly Turf for Any Environment

FusionPET EX is perfect for dog parks, vet clinics, and other pet-based businesses. It’s artificial grass that’s pet safe and designed for simple clean-up and regular use, which can take its toll on live grass. With a .875” height and slit film, bio-cell polyurethane grass blades, FusionPET EX offers commercial property owners a trimmed, green space that’s easy to maintain, and that dogs will love to run and play in.

This artificial pet turf grass can be installed on concrete or a compacted base in both indoor and outdoor environments. If you need artificial pet turf for your business or commercial property, FusionPET EX offers everything you need to satisfy the needs of you and your pets.

FusionTurf Can Help Craft the Perfect Space for Your Pets

Pets may not know the difference between artificial grass and live grass, but you will. The former is much easier to clean, requires less management, and offers you the look and feel of a well-kept lawn for years to come. 

FusionPET EX artificial pet turf is made in the USA. It has a tiered manufacturer warranty to protect your investment, and antimicrobial properties so that your artificial lawn poses no risk to your dogs or children.

If you’re ready to install artificial turf on your property or business, contact us today for the next steps.