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Artificial turf is a great option for homeowners looking to emulate the look and feel of grass without the cost and maintenance of a live lawn. FusionPET is an artificial turf that’s safe for dogs. The 1” blade height is perfect for dogs to run, play, and do their business. A flow-through backing system ensures maximum drainage. Made with antimicrobial Bio-Cell Polyurethane, it’s sanitary, easy to clean, and will stay looking great for years or decades.

This durable turf is made with a thick tan thatch to help improve blade stability, reduce the needed infill, and provide a more natural color. Request a quote to speak with an expert on choosing and installing the ideal turf for your property and pets.


  • Pile Height –1”
  • Face Weight –55oz
  • Face Color –Field/Lime/Olive
  • Blade Shape –S Cross Section
  • Heat Reduction Technology
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Bio-CellTMPolyurethane
  • Antimicrobial Additives
  • Flow Through Backing
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Prepare the Perfect Pet Area With FusionPET

FusionPET is our most popular residential turf for areas with dogs, designed specifically with pet owners in mind. The signature 1” blade height and bio-cell polyurethane blades offer a realistic grass feel so that dogs can run, play, and do their business. For a version with longer grass, see FusionPET HD or FusionPet EX.

FusionPET doesn’t require watering or spot treatment. You’ll never have to mow or trim the grass, never worry about pet urine discoloring the lawn, and never worry about a rambunctious dog digging, tearing up the grass, or tracking in mud. FusionPET is the ideal artificial turf for dogs and their pet parent’s peace of mind.

Transform Your Home With FusionPET from FusionTurf

If you’re ready to switch to artificial turf for dogs that will maintain its look and feel for years without maintenance, FusionTurf is here to help. With products made in the USA, antimicrobial materials designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, and long-term tiered manufacturer warranties to protect your new lawn, FusionTurf is a top choice for any pet owner. 

Contact us to learn more about the next steps in your journey towards a safe, charming, maintenance-free lawn.