Pile Height
Face Color
55 oz
Face Weight
S Cross Section
Heat Reduction Technology
Antimicrobial Additives
Bio-Cell Polyurethane
Augustine is one of the most versatile turfs made. The 1" soft blade and flow-through backing makes it a perfect grass for landscapes, fringe areas, pet applications and playgrounds with superior drainage. Augustine can be installed indoors or outdoors on a compacted aggregate base, panel system or over concrete.
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A Reliable Standard for Your Property

Fusion Augustine artificial lawn turf is designed as a well-balanced option that you can install in many areas of your property. This artificial lawn turf can be installed for landscapesfringe areaspets, and playgrounds. As a landscape turf, it looks just like a well-manicured natural lawn. It’s even a close match for the color with tan thatch infill. The patented flow-through backing system provides maximum drainage for pets and even the heaviest of downfalls. No more ‘burn’ patches on the lawn and no more muddy puddles.

Eco-Friendly Turf

FusionTurf is made with recycled products and eliminates the need for watering, mowing, fertilization or use of any potentially harmful pesticides. The materials used to craft it include heat-reduction technology that prevents it from trapping heat the way plastic products can. So, you can switch to artificial grass without worrying about it being too hot for your pets or heating the environment. Material-wise, the grass is made with bio-cell polyurethane, a reliable resource that allows grass to be sturdy yet flexible enough to pass for natural grass. It also includes antimicrobial components that help prevent bacteria from forming on the surface, helping to keep your grass clean.

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