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Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, most golfers would agree that there is something truly beautiful about a properly manicured and cared for putting green turf. FusionTurf customized artificial putting green turf projects are so much more than just pleasant-looking. It’s a premium quality chipping and putting surface suitable for practice for any level of golfer.




FusionPUTT - Artificial Turf



We aim to achieve three simple but essential goals with every golf green project we install. 

  • Create a putting surface that mimics shots you typically have on a real course. Short, long, break left, break right, slight uphill, slight downhill, etc. Different angles and distances to the holes will give you countless “different putts.”
  • Regardless of size or style, “true ball roll” is what really gives you the look and feel of a live green. We have multiple putting green turf varieties to choose from, to adjust for the speed and feel of your surface. Upgrade your golf green with a number of options such as surrounding fringe and chipping areas, bunkers, lighting, water features, and 3rd cuts. If you can dream it, we can build it.
  • We custom design putting greens to look as natural as possible in your yard. We will take our artificial putting green turf system and make sure it incorporates seamlessly in to the natural surroundings, whatever they may be.

When we reach all 3 of these objectives, your putting golf green will be a fantastic addition to your yard or commercial space. The quality and durability of FusionTurf artificial putting green turf is very high and with minimal maintenance, your customized golf green will be ready for play 365 days a year.

Contact us now to talk more about how a FusionTurf putting green might be a perfect fit for your yard or commercial space.