Pile Height
Face Color
55 oz
Face Weight
W Cross Section
Heat Reduction Technology
Antimicrobial Additives
Bio-Cell Polyurethane
Centipede is a classic landscape product that is both economical and durable. This grass offers a tan thatch, which provides added body and reduces the amount of infill needed. The 1.5" blade height and 55 oz face weight are perfect for moderate foot traffic areas. It is best suited for lawns / landscapes and pet applications.
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Superior Construction

The most durable artificial grass products use high-quality materials. Fusion Turf synthetic grass is proudly made in the USA and protected with our limited lifetime warranty.

Be careful when comparing turfs from different companies. Replacing live grass with artificial grass is an investment both financially and lifestyle. Not all turf is created equal! FusionTurf is domestically made, right here in the United States and that means higher quality materials and construction than imported turf from China and other countries. But more than just the turf, it is important for your installers to use the highest grade accessory materials such as infills, glues, and seam tapes. Call us today to ask any questions about our products or materials used to help you make the right selections.

Perfect For Most Areas

With a 1.5” blade height and 55 oz. construction, this durable artificial grass is perfectly balanced for use in major areas of the yard. It also blends easily with other terrain so your durable artificial turf looks and behaves just as natural grass would. The flexible design also makes it ideal for creative property layouts. Fusion Centipede can be installed both indoors and outdoors, on concrete, a compacted base, or a variety of surfaces.

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