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Fusion Augustine HD

Augustine HD artificial grass is the perfect choice for homeowners and business owners natural-looking landscape. This high-quality realistic turf offers an incredibly realistic tan thatch, which reduces the amount of infill needed and provides added body. The 2″ blade height (80 oz construction) creates a dense, lush fill that looks and feels authentic, making it an ideal choice for lawns, landscapes, pet applications, and playgrounds.

Superior Turf for Pet Applications

Augustine HD is one of our most natural-looking artificial grass types. The color, length, and thatch makes it look just like a well-manicured natural lawn. It looks great installed by landscaping features like flower beds, gardens, rock formations, or sculptures. It has an authentic look over nearly any scale, for small patches or across large ones.

It’s realistic turf that feels great too – super plush and soft with a natural ‘give’ when you walk on it that’s just like real grass. It can be installed indoors or outdoors on a compacted base or concrete.


  • Pile Height –2”
  • Face Weight –80oz
  • Face Color –Field/Lime/Olive
  • Blade Shape –S Cross Section
  • Heat Reduction Technology
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Bio-Cell Polyurethane
  • Antimicrobial Additives

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Augustine HD is a great option for any homeowner looking to transform their landscape or create a naturalistic, healthy, and green area of your property. See our finished client projects or request a quote for more information on how you can make your landscape look great with natural looking artificial grass by FusionTurf.

Talk to our experts for help determining which realistic turf is best for your property. Contact us to talk with a pro.

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