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Fusion Augustine EX

Fusion Augustine EX is our premium, eco-friendly artificial grass for all your landscaping needs. Augustine EX artificial turf features 1.625” blade height and 100oz face weight for a full, lush green look and feel. It mimics natural grass without the hassle of mud or puddles. If you’re looking for artificial lawn installation at your home or business, Augustine EX artificial landscaping grass may be the perfect solution.

Stays Pristine Year After Year

Augustine EX is designed to withstand wear and tear, even in areas with the highest foot traffic. One of the biggest concerns we often hear about fake grass in landscaping is how long before it starts to show age or wear. Augustine EX is designed for durability that will outlast natural grass and even other types of artificial turf.


  • Pile Height –1.625”
  • Face Weight –100 oz
  • Face Color –Field/Lime/Olive
  • Blade Shape –S Cross Section
  • Heat Reduction Technology
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Bio-Cell Polyurethane
  • Antimicrobial Additives

We Make Artificial Turf Landscaping Easy

At FusionTurf, we are passionate about artificial grass. Our turf options like Augustine EX are competitively priced, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Our artificial lawns are perfect for commercial or residential use because they can be installed indoors on concrete or outdoors over a compacted base in fill dirt or sand. We provide products to make artificial grass for landscaping easy.

Whether you’re looking to migrate from natural grass to artificial turf or want to save time and money on your landscape maintenance, FusionTurf is here to help you. Consult our experts and call today.

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