Synthetic Turf for Schools

Jan 14, 2022

Children playing on a jungle gym

Live lawns on school properties require a great deal of upkeep.

High-traffic areas on school grounds can easily wear away the grass, leaving dirt, dust, and mud. Alternatives like sand, rubber, and wood chips may not always be better; loose materials can get everywhere and do more harm than good should children fall down. Here we'll take a look at the benefits of synthetic turf for schools and what it has to offer.

Why chose synthetic turf over live grass?

Live lawns can be lush, safe, and beautiful surfaces for children, but they take a lot of watering and upkeep to stay that way. Live grass can be dirty, muddy, and rough surfaces for play if it's not exceptionally well-kept or seasonally during the colder months. The cost of live lawns and the issues that they present on the playground are reason enough to look for artificial grass designed for schools.

What are the benefits of synthetic turf for schools?

  • Many Color Options: Choosing products like Fusion Color Line allows you to design playground spaces with various shades of artificial grass like red, blue, and yellow to offer a more exciting design and experience for children on the playground.
  • Antimicrobial Materials: Whether it's allergens or dangerous lawn chemicals like herbicides, children should be safe when they're at play. Modern synthetic turf made for schools is constructed from antimicrobial materials so that children aren't at risk of picking up harmful bacteria while on the playground. Additionally, artificial grass by FusionTurf is constructed to drain efficiently so that the lawns can be cleaned regularly with ease.
  • Heat Reduction Technology: Certain materials like rubber can get extremely hot during the summer months. FusionTurf products are constructed with heat reduction technology to keep the grass from ever getting too hot, even on hot days in direct sunlight. This helps prevent kids from burning their hands or bare feet.
  • Durable with Reduced Maintenance: Durability is important in playgrounds. FusionTurf products can hold up against regular foot traffic so that the surface maintains its look and feel over time. Additionally, our FusionTurf features a realistic thatch infill that can bring some varieties very close to the look of a live lawn. When you install synthetic turf made for schools, it should be both durable and authentic-looking.

childrens play area with artificial turf

Talk to an expert about artificial grass for schools

FusionTurf features several types of artificial grass for schools. From products like FusionPlay made for playgrounds to FusionPro made for landscaping, and even Fusion Color Line for availability in a variety of bright colors. All turf types are made right here in the USA,

If you're interested in synthetic turf made for schools, reach out to us at 844-213-8873.

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