Pile Height
Face Color
55 oz
Face Weight
S Cross Section
Heat Reduction Technology
Antimicrobial Additives
Bio-Cell Polyurethane
This is a versatile playground grass with a 1" blade height. FusionPlay is a premium artificial grass perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor surfaces ranging from backyard play areas to commercial playgrounds. It can easily be paired with padding systems to create an even safer playing surface. while being durable for long-term wear & tear.
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Setting up Your New Outdoor Playground Floor

There are many considerations to make when choosing your playground turf. Quality and durability matter, but most importantly, how safe is it for kids? How safe is it for kids? How long before it will need to be replaced?

FusionTurf is made with high-quality bio-cell polyurethane. It's non-toxic and antimicrobial. The padding is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA) to help further keep kids safe. FusionTurf offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Unsurpassed Benefits of Playground Floor Outdoor Turf

FusionTurf artificial grass is a fantastic alternative to a live lawn. Our high-quality outdoor playground floor turf requires virtually no maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about cutting or trimming.

  • You will save money on your water bill because no watering is needed.
  • When it rains, our durable blades of grass allow for maximum drainage, preventing puddles that may lead to accidents when children are playing.
  • FusionTurf materials are antimicrobial, so they inhibit the unwanted growth of bacteria.

Whether you want an indoor or outdoor playground on grass, all your needs can be met at FusionTurf. Find playgrounds among our completed projects.


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