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Tools and resources to help you start or expand the artificial grass side of your business.

The artificial grass industry is booming! FusionTurf can provide you the tools you need to stay ahead of your competition.

This is your opportunity to significantly expand revenue and differentiate yourself in your market. FusionTurf is not just a supplier, it is a program designed to help you grow into the artificial grass business and become a local sales and installation expert. You will have access to full line of high quality American Made turf and a support team that will be with you every step of the way. Sign up below to become a Certified FusionTurf Installer.

More than just a supplier, this is a program designed to support your business at every stage. Whether you are new to artificial grass or an established turf professional, the FusionTurf Contractor program is designed to attract new customers, help close sales and increase profits. We lead the industry in innovation and providing you with a full line of high quality, turf, backed by a support team ready to help.

FusionTurf Products

FusionTurf Products

As a FusionTurf Authorized Contractor, you will have direct access to a full line of high quality, American made turfs and priority pricing on accessories.


As a FusionTurf Contractor, you will have access to our customized online dealer portal tool that you can use 24 hours a day. This is our proprietary software that includes simple online ordering, lead organization, project management tools and tracking on your shipments.

FusionTurf Hub
FusionTurf Click Marketing


As a FusionTurf Contractor, you may receive through out various national marketing efforts and from our inline "Contractor Locator". You also have the chance to select one of our customized FusionCLICK marketing plans tailored to your area and budget.


Now you can offer your customers multiple financing terms plans through our FusionTurf finance program. You get paid with no fees and no paperwork. Our Financing partners handle everything from start to finish. You just forward a link and let us do the rest.

FusionTurf Click Marketing
FusionTurf School
Coming Soon


Launching in early 2024, FusionTurf is developing a 3 day comprehensive "Turf School" to provide hands- on training from industry leaders that will teach products/materials, multiple installations and techniques, bidding, marketing and sales. Spots will be limited and will fill up fast. Click here for more information and to inquire about reserving your spot!

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