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Our Dealer Certification Program

FUSIONTURF has a rigorous dealer certification program, so you know it’s the highest-quality training and information possible. Excellence is our ongoing commitment. Our program includes: 

  • Training programs
  • Experience
  • Continuing education programs that ensure dealers are always on the cutting edge

We’re committed to industry guidelines and ethics. Our certifications are a testament to our level of investment in our work, demonstrating our knowledge and skills for synthetic grass manufacturing and installation best practices. FUSIONTURF also works hard to advance the industry through dealer certification and greater efficiency. See our certificate online before you get started with our turf installation services

Associated Dealer Certification

We also have an outstanding certification program for any associated installers. This program helps keep associated dealers up-to-date in the industry with a process that includes:   

  • A series of training modules to get you started
  • Ongoing education programs to make sure you are always at the forefront of the industry

Our artificial turf is the new standard of natural. FUSIONTURF is a one-stop shop for all your artificial grass needs – from installation to supply. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we’re committed to helping you get the best synthetic lawn in your own yard or business. Find a Certified dealer near you to get started. Our fake grass looks like the real thing but is better on so many levels. 

Have questions about how much an artificial turf installation will be or where you can buy fake grass locally? We’ve got answers for you backed by quality turf products and Certified services. View our turf dealer management certificate online.